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Automotive electronics business revenue explosion

Automotive electronics business revenue explosion

2018/05/15 21:04
Intelligent network is one of the development directions of the current automobile industry. Traditional vehicle companies, new car builders, and technology companies are all sparing no efforts to lay
Intelligent network is one of the development directions of the current automobile industry. Traditional vehicle companies, new car builders, and technology companies are all sparing no efforts to lay out related businesses. The vigorous development of the market in 2017 has brought tremendous business opportunities to automotive electronics companies. Thanks to the increasing proportion of automotive electronics in the entire vehicle, related automotive electronic products have also penetrated from high-end models to low-end models. At the same time, some automotive electronics have the characteristics of consumer electronics. The update rate is faster and the demand for updates has increased. In the coming period, the automotive electronics industry is expected to enter a rapid growth range.
In 2017, the annual report of the automotive electronics listed company also reflected the vigorous development of the automotive electronics industry. Eleven automotive electronics listed companies covered the body electronics and automotive electronics. The reporter reviewed the 2017 annual report of these companies. Most auto electronic listed companies took the spring breeze of industrial development.


  ♦The overall situation is good

In 2017, of the 11 listed auto electronic companies, only two companies had a negative growth in their operating income. The remaining nine companies are positive growth, of which eight companies have grown more than double digits year-on-year. For example, Jun Sheng Electronics increased 43.41% year-on-year, Ningbo High-speed increased 40.36%, Qiming Information increased 34.83%, and DeLong Electronics increased 27.65%. . . . .

From the perspective of net profit, corporate performance is also commendable. In 2017, DeLong Electronics increased 351.85% year-on-year, Ningbo Gaofa Motors increased 48.28%, and Yunyi Electric increased 28.35% year-on-year. . . . .
The overall performance of the automotive electronics listed companies is good. First, thanks to the sound development of the industry as a whole, the industry is expected to exceed 100 billion US dollars by 2021. As the largest auto market, China is also the most promising area for automotive electronics products. At the same time, the automotive electronics business is also expected to become a business that sustains rapid growth.
Derun’s automotive electronics is my main product is automotive connectors and wiring harnesses, security and alarm sensors, on-board charging modules and car networking products. Its annual report indicates that Dean’s automotive industry revenue is approximately 40% of total revenue. Still growing. Similarly, Founder Motors also pointed out that the automobile industry is about 60% of total revenue and is growing.
Weidi Co., Ltd. experienced a negative growth of 5.69% in revenue, which was mainly related to its main product supply bus market. As a result of the country’s new energy subsidy policy and the overspent demand from the industry in 2016, the passenger car industry’s demand has declined significantly in 2017. According to the data, in 2017, the total sales volume of large and medium-sized bus markets was 167,588 vehicles, a decrease of 13.88% compared with 2016.

  ♦Technical upgrading in cornering overtaking

As a relatively new and extremely promising plate, automotive electronics has attracted a lot of attention. Traditional international component giants have laid out related businesses early and have occupied a lot of market share. In recent years, domestic auto-electronics companies have been aiming at the outlets and are chasing and surpassing them, calling for a "curve crossing."
There are two main ways of adopting the self-owned brand curve overtaking: First, through long-term investment in R&D, relevant technologies have been accumulated and independent innovation has been carried out to establish a strong competitiveness. The second is through international mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and other means of business development, and technology accumulation.
The listed company's annual report is a good example of this feature. Automotive electronic products have the characteristics of high technical content and complex technology. Product R&D and technological innovation are the cornerstones for the sustained and stable development of automotive electronics companies. The Desai Xiwei annual report shows that in 2017, the R&D investment reached 418 million yuan, accounting for 6.96% of the company's operating income. In June 2017, it became a member of the Baidu Apollo Project and cooperated with BCU and MapAuto to build a support car together. Dedicated computing platform for autonomous driving mass production products, and in Baidu World Congress in November 2017 jointly with Baidu released a system based on the DuerOS platform.
In terms of smart car-linking business, Junsheng Electronics achieved operating revenue of RMB 3.3 billion in 2017 and maintained strong growth. In addition to the Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and other projects, it also received orders to provide map engines and build related navigation services for the world's leading car networking companies. Compared with the same period of last year, R&D investment increased by approximately RMB 820 million. The proportion of revenues increased by 1.19 percentage points. The continuous investment in research and development ensures that the company's main business is in the leading position in the industry. In 2017, the total new orders received exceeded 38 billion yuan.
Huayang Group invested 296 million yuan in R&D in 2017, an increase of 24.16% over the previous year. Huayang Group stated that the company closely follows the trend of intelligent, interconnected and new energy vehicles. It has increased R&D investment in automotive electronics and precision die-casting of auto parts related products. Apart from increasing R&D personnel, R&D projects are mainly reflected in existing technologies. The extension and development of new technologies.