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2018 New Year's speech
The oldest servants are old, full of hope on the journey. In the new year, each Henderson will have to stand at a new starting point and new height. They must have new ideas and new actions. They must dare to fight, must dare to do it, and must abandon the bad habits of the past year. Idea concept, face 2018 with a good attitude. Everything starts from scratch, reawakening the innocence of the first child, the enthusiasm and passion of the beginning, the ideal of the beginning and the fighting spirit. Carefully sum up the successes and failures of the past year, and arrange your work plan for 2018 with enthusiasm and confidence, and complete it step by step, in a down-to-earth manner.
The old things have passed and never come back. The new road is already in front of us. We must face our opportunities and challenges with our own hard work and sweat, and use our wisdom and ability to welcome Hengfa, to fight hard, and to dare to do it. , Spell out their own brilliant tomorrow.
Chairman: Li Hongjiang