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1. Militarized training

2. Outward training

3. In-service university student training

In order to meet the needs of the society and the development of the company, and improve the quality of employees and their

professional capabilities, the company provides diverse training:

4. Special training for external professors

Career Development:

Hengfa Co., Ltd. adopts the "Diversified Development Channel for Employees." Employees can select expert channels and management

channel expert development channels according to their needs and personal characteristics to provide specialized services for

employees engaged in technical work in professional areas such as company management, technology research and development, and

production management. Access, management of roads is a development path designed for people who wish to engage in

management and other related business operations. The “Diversified Development Road for Employees” follows the concept of

“successive and progressive training” of talents and provides each employee with opportunities for self-development so that everyone can find a suitable location and achieve all kinds of human resources. Maximizing the use of the system avoids the drawbacks

of the traditional enterprise that only manages to promote a road.